Users Management

You have to manage a list of users allowed to login in your private gate. To manage this list, you have to click on the Passworless Auth tab and you will see the list of users.

In this table you can see 4 main information for each user:

  • Email: it's the email to which the registration code has been sent

  • Internal ID: it's the internal ID you set when you create it

  • Subscription: it's the status of the subscription. You can see 3 different statuses:

    • CONFIRMED: the user has received the registration code and he has correctly associated his identity with the Ianum's identity.

    • PENDING: the user has received the registration code but he has not used it yet. The code received is still valid.

    • EXPIRED: the user has received the registration code but he didn't use it before the expiration date.

  • Actions: you can update users' information, delete the user or generate the registration code again.

Create a new user

You have to click on the "+" button on the top right of the Whitelist users table and you will see this modal where you need to fill the required parameters. The email parameter will be the user's email to which we will send the secret code, the internal ID parameter is the unique ID that will match this user with the user inside your system and the language parameter is the language of the email sent to the user.

User Confirmation

The user receives an email containing a security code and a link. If he clicks on the link, it will open the QR Code page where he has to scan the QR Code using the Ianum app and then, if the code contained in the email is still valid, he will be redirected to your system as an authenticated user. If the user has been asked to enter the registration code, he has to use the code sent through the email.

If the code is correct, he will see the previous page that says Successfully Joined

Update user

To update the user, you have to click in the "edit" button on the right of the user you want to update. You will see the modal containing the information you can update.

If you update the email property and the user is not confirmed, it will force the generation of a new security code.

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