API Endpoints Structure

Simple but Powerful

In Ianum everything is exposed through APIs, making it natively integrable with any other service. APIs endpoints are so structured


  • service indicates the service you would like to call. Currently we have the following services

    • api-auth: for everything related to server side API authentication

    • auth: everything related to the Ianum® Auth Service

  • region (if present) indicates a specific region we would like to query. If missing, the closest available endpoint in the world is the one responding. This is currently mainly adopted in the Ianum Auth service when requesting data to a user: that data is saved in the region specified by you and only from there can be queried.

  • stage is the current API version. Each service has its stage that can be seen in this guide. It's in the form of v{main}_{minor} like, for example, v1_2 or v1_0

  • resources are is the API paths that each endpoint has and that can be queried

Next Steps

First of all you need to understand how OAuth 2.0 Authentication works: you have an API key that needs to be exchanged to get an API Token, the one used to make all the API calls.

Then you can start exploring the API endpoints used to interact with the Ianum's infrastructure.

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