Getting Started

Using Ianum® as an End User 👩👦👳👵🧓👲

Install Ianum® App

Anyone with and Android or iOS based smartphone can download Ianum App. To do so, just search for "Ianum" inside Play Store or App Store.

You can activate you Ianum App, and so your Ianum Identity, in few seconds: just insert your phone number and the verification code we will send you right after. You Ianum Identity will be connected to your smartphone phone number. As our product is a privacy-first product, we won't hold any of your data. This means, your phone number will be stored using a one-way hash function, making sure no one, neither use, will be able to read it.

Use Ianum® App

With Ianum® App installed, you can login into any service that shows the "Login with Ianum" button. For "services" we mean any IT service, such as, but not limited to, websites, App, backend Applications and much more.

If you're using one of those services on a desktop PC or tablet, to login you will be required to read a QR-Code visible on screen.

If you're using your smartphone, Ianum App will pop up when you press "login" and no QR Code will be shown.

If you're trying to login on a device different than your smartphone, and your smartphone is offline, you will still be able to login by typing a random secret code that will appear inside your Ianum App.

Transparency and Data Protection are in our ❤️. For this reason, with Ianum App you can always see and control any data related to your usage:

  • View the list of accesses you made and the devices used

  • Manage your personal data by adding, editing and removing personal data from your Ianum Identity

  • Manage your subscriptions by canceling, editing the data given, monitoring all the access made to a service as well as the consensus given

With Ianum App you are the only one that can take any action with your Ianum Identity.

Using Ianum® as a Business 🏦 and/or Developer 👨‍💻️

To connect Ianum Authentication and all its tools with your services, you need to access the Developer Area. To do that, download Ianum App on your smartphone and click on "Developer Area" in the home page of

Inside the Developer Area, you can connect Ianum with your IT services by creating a Gate, manage your users and much more. For more information, see the following sections.

This documentation mainly focus on the usage of Ianum from a Business / Developer perspective, showing you what you can do with our tools.

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