Getting Started

Using Ianum® as a User

Using the Ianum® App

With Ianum® you can login into any service via one of the three login systems:

  • QR-Code Login - when accesing a new service via an external device (eg. iPad or Computer), you will be asked to scan a QR Code with your phone. This will open the gate in the external device where you will be able to share your data and manage the service's consensus.

  • Offline Login - Ianum® offers you the possibility to login to any service offline. At any time, you can click in the "Manual Access" button, where you will be presented with 2 codes. In the external device, you only have to access the offline mode login page and type in both codes.

  • Dynamic Login - if you want to access a service in the device where you have installed Ianum®, you just have to click in the "Login in with Ianum" button on the browser. This will open the Ianum® app, start the login procedure and show the screens with any challenges that this service requires, be it data, consensus or a whitelist code.

Ianum® wants to be transparent by showing you what data you shared and when you shared it, so you will be able to:

  • View the list of access that you made, the devices used and the IP Address

  • Manage your personal data by adding, editing and removing personal data from your Identiy

  • Manage your subscriptions by canceling, editing the data given, monitoring all the access made to this service and managing the consensus.

Using Ianum® as a Business and Developer

On the Business side of Ianum, you will be able to access the Developer Area giving you full control to create new Ianum Gates, manage the current integrations with you service and have full control over your users.

To access it, do the following:

Developer Area is not enabled by default. If you want to activate that section, please contact us at