Subscription Data Shared


Before reading the endpoints, one special note is for the id representing the data fields. Each type of data (email, first name, etc) is represented with a string.

Get Data Shared

GET https://auth.{region}{idSubscription}/data

The response will have the encrypted values.

Path Parameters




The id of the subscription that shared the data with you

Query Parameters




Array of strings, with the values we want to get. Currently accepted one of the values shown in the Field section, or ALL to get all the shared. Default: [ "ALL" ]





Should be "Bearer XXXXX" where XXXXX is the token received from /oauth/token endpoint

    "idSubscription": "sub_xxxxx",
    "data": [{
        // the id of this shared data
        "idDataShared": "dsh_xxxx",
        //the id of the field. Can be one of the idFields accepted in the query string, except for ALL
        "idField": "EMAIL",
        // the alias of the field
        "alias": "email",
        // YES if the field has been verified, NO if the field has not been verified, PENDING if the verification process is in pending
        "verified": "YES",
        //Unix timestamp of when this data has ben shared
        "dateShared": 1550764151,
        //Unix timestamp of when this data has been last edited by the user
        "dateLastUpdate": 1550936951,
        // list of field components filled by the user
        "values": [{
            // the id of the field component that contains the value 
            "idFieldComponent": "fdc_email",
            // the alias of the field component
            "alias": "email",
            // the type of field component
            "fieldComponentType": "STRING",
            //the base64 representation of the AES key needed to decrypt the value
            "keyEnc": "JUYHER...jUy34",
            //the base64 representation of the encrypted value with the key_enc
            "valueEnc": "jUerW3r...sdERw",
            // the open PGP encrypted message
            "valueEncPgp": "-----BEGIN PGP MESSAGE-----\n......\n-----END PGP MESSAGE-----\n"     
        }, { ... }]
    }, { ... }]

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