Gate Creation

What's a Gate?

The word "Gate" should sound familiar to you, and this is why we have decided to call our connections "Gates". In order for us to uniquely identify your users and redirect them to your applications, we need to establish a connection between our IT system and your applications. When you create a Gate, you are basically telling us to do the needed set up so that your applications can be connected to Ianum.

Create a Gate

To create a Gate click on the dedicate button in the homepage of your Developer Area. A simple modal with basic information pops up.

These are the information that must be provided:

  • Name: the name of the gate that will be displayed to your users. This attribute can be edited after the gate creation

  • Alias: the unique identifier by which your gate is registered in the Ianum® platform. The alias will be displayed in the gate page:<gate-alias> and once created, cannot be changed anymore

  • Website URL: displayed to the user inside its App. It's just for reference, so that users can immediately get who you are, together with the name.

  • Region: logs, consensus, data and everything shared between your users and your Gate is physically stored in a specific region to be fully compliant with law.

  • Type: the type of Gate you would like to create, see below for more reference

Gate Type

Ianum® allows you to create different types of gate that will let you control the list of users that are allowed to access it and the type of protocol used to connect that gate.

  • Public: all users that try to access the gate will be authenticated. Perfect for public services like websites.

  • Custom Whitelist Integration: only a restricted list of users can access to the gate. That list is fully managed by you.

  • Identity Provider: same as Custom Whitelist Integration, but with out of the box connections with SAML 2.0 protocol compatibility

Gate Region

Data is stored where you tell us, so that you can comply with regulations. Currently we offer out of the box compatibility with the following regions:

  • North Virginia (US)

  • Frankfurt (Europe)

  • Tokyo (Asia)

Gate Keys creation

After you create a gate, you will need to safely store the OpenPGP keys and the Client ID Keys of the gate generated for you. Here's the message at the end of the gate creation.

Make sure to SAFELY STORE YOUR KEYS! There is no way to recover them. This means that if users are sharing data with you, and you loose your decryption key, the only way to read again you users data is asking them to login again after generating a new key pair!

Encryption is cool ... but only you can make sure to properly store your keys.

Keys will be used to REST API communication between Ianum backend and your backend, while OpenPGP Keys are used to decrypt data users shared with you.

If you need to change your Open PGP key, please contact us and we will provide support.

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