Developer Area

General overview of the Developer Area, how it's structured and which are the basic settings to take care of.
In the Developer Area you will be able to manage your profile and your Gates, both if you're using your personal profile, or you're acting on behalf of a business.
When accessing the Developer Area for the first time, you will be prompted to create your first new gate. To learn more about how to create a gate, see the Gate Creation section
This is what you see if you haven't create a Gate yet
On the list of gates, you will be able to view relevant information such as:
  • Basic gate information - Logo, name and date of creation
  • Number of users
  • Number of logins made in the last 24 hours
The view if you will have more than one gate
When accessing a gate, you will be able to view and edit some basic information such as the alias, name, website and logo, manage the associated micro-services and the gate security. For more information about these values, please visit the section on Gate Creation
Basic Gate Information Page

What you can do in Developer Area?

This is the control panel, where you can have full control over everything.
We suggest you to start from Ianum Profiles, to have a brief overview of how Ianum works if you are acting on behalf of a business. Next following step is to give a look at Gate Creation, to have a complete overview about how to create a Gate. Basic Settings teaches you how to set up basic configuration while Security Settings section makes sure you have the proper security features turned on.
Are you looking for a 5 minute tutorial on how to set up and connect your first gate? Check Example: integrate Ianum in 5 minutes and you will be good to go!
Further information can be found on detailed page of every services. Here the links for a quick reference.