Advanced Configuration

SAML Groups Management

You can find the groups management in the Groups tab under the Identity Provider section. Here you will see your list of groups already created.

Create a new group

You have to click on the "+" button on the top right of the group list and you will see this modal where you need to fill the required parameters. The group name will be the name used to display this group in the Developer Area, the description parameter is an internal parameter so other developers can understand the group's purpose.

Update group

You have to click on the "edit" button on the right of the group you want to update.

Update User Groups

You can update the groups the user is part from Passworless Auth > Whitelist users > single user. Once you have clicked on the "edit" button on a specific user, you will see the list of groups the user is part. You can check/uncheck the groups and then you have to remember to click on the save button.

By default any user created is part of the Default group.

Bulk upload of users

Soon available. It's currently under development.

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