A SAML App represents a Service Provider that has been connected to the Identity Provider. You can connect as much apps as you want.

SAML Attribute Name

An attribute name represents the attribute created inside the Identity Provider. Once you have created them, you are ready to create the values for each user. This operation is needed since you can connect more than one Service Provider and they may require different attributes.

SAML Mappers

A mapper is the mapping of the attribute name for a SAML App. So you can use the same attribute name for more than one SAML App without the need to create duplicates if the value is the same. For example: you have the attribute name work_email and the SAML App A requires it with the name IDPEmail and the SAML App B requires it with the name emailAddress. You can create the mapper for the App A to map the work_email attribute name to IDPEmail and create another mapper for the App B to map the work_email attribute to emailAddress.

SAML Groups

A group represents a group of users allowed to access SAML Apps. Thanks to this concept, you can enable the access to specific Apps only to specific users.

User Attributes

Once you created the attributes names needed for your Identity Provider, you have to create the attributes for each user allowed to access you Identity Provider.

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