Ianum Platform Docs

Platform overview

Ianum® Platform is a tool to manage users' identities, data, consensus and accesses. Whether you are looking for identity management, encryption, protection against data breach, anonymization or security, Ianum® Platform has the services to help you reach all your goals.

Ianum® has a patent pending nr. 102018000009847.

With Ianum® Platform you will be able to:

  • Have a privacy-first authentication system

  • Store your users' data in a virtual encrypted box that only you can decrypt

  • Allow passwordless logins for your users

  • Collect data and agreements acceptance from your users, in a transparent and ethic way, compliant with GDPR.

To interact with Ianum, your users will need to install the Ianum® App on their smartphone. In order to login to your services, they only need to scan a QR Code, provide the necessary data and accept the required agreement. Additionally, we offer the option to login if their smartphone has no access to the internet. With Ianum® Authentication we cover almost any possible scenario.

The Ianum® Platform is built around the concept of Ianum® Identity, and provides you with a series of services. Currently in Public Stable, we provide you with the Ianum® Passworless Auth service that lets you manage user authentication

Ianum® Identity

Ianum® identity is your identity in the digital world. It will hold all your personal data, eg. name, address and date of birth, and you will have full control of which services have access to it. After subscribing to a new service, you will be able to monitor which data you shared, edit or delete it and view and update the consensus you gave to it. Furthermore, we give you the tools to verify your data, be it your e-mail address or phone number.

How can you use your identity? With our Ianum® Passworless Auth technology you will be able to access any new service by scanning a QR Code with your phone.

To start and create your own Ianum Identity, download our App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.