Ianum Platform Technical Documentation

Platform overview
Ianum® Platform is a tool to manage users' identities, data, consensus and accesses. Whether you are looking for identity management, encryption, protection against data breach, anonymization or security, Ianum® Platform has the services to help you reach all your goals.
With Ianum® Platform you will be able to:
  • Have a privacy-first authentication system
  • Store your users' data in a virtual encrypted box that only you can decrypt
  • Allow passwordless logins for your users
  • Collect data and agreements acceptance from your users, in a transparent and ethic way, compliant with GDPR
To interact with Ianum, your users will need to install the Ianum® App on their smartphone. In order to login to your services, they only need to scan a QR Code with Ianum App. Edge cases like no connection on smartphone are covered and explained to users, covering almost any possible login scenarios.
The Ianum® Platform is built around the concept of Ianum® Identity, providing you a series of tools. Currently available are:
  • Ianum® Passwordless Auth: manage users authentication
  • Single Sign On IDP: Add on for Passwordless Auth that allows you to define a whitelist of users allowed to access, connecting Ianum with private backoffice Applications. This feature empowers an out-of-the-box SAML 2.0 compatibility.
  • Ianum® Consensus Management: to collect and versioning your users consensus, like privacy policy or Terms and Conditions
  • Ianum® Personal Data Protection: to collect personal information from your users during the onboarding process

Ianum® Identity

Ianum® identity is the identity of any users that have downloaded Ianum App.
It will hold all user's personal data, eg. name, address and date of birth, and you will have full control of which services have access to it. After subscribing to a new service, a user is able to monitor which data shared, edit or delete it, view and update the consensus given, and much more.
Ianum Identity can be used on any website that allows login with Ianum, or that manage users' data with our technology.
To start and create your own Ianum Identity, download our App from the Google Play Store or Apple App Store.
Last modified 3yr ago